Thursday, September 16, 2010

Total Life Forever

Dear readers...

Yes, I know, I haven't updated my blog for a while now, but I have been sooo damn busy. I worked in the hostel almost every day and I'm still working on the translation that takes a lot more time than I actually expected. But things are getting better, the hostel has closed, the season's over and none is gonna bother me with questions like "Where is the nearest supermarket?" or "Do you sell beer?". Although it was boring by times and some people were particularly annoying, I enjoyed working in the hostel. I like helping people and making them comfortable. And I know how important it is to get some good first hand information from the locals when you're travelling. I can imagine working in a hostel for a longer period...for sure not full-time because it's just so annoying to repeat the same things for 8 hours a day, but if I start studying again, maybe this is an option to afford my lifestyle...

But it's not that I am unemployed at the moment...nope! Although my Californian dream didn't work out because it seems to be impossible to get a proper US visa, I am doing really fine at the moment. I decided to finish my teacher education by doing a one year practical stage in a school...and since there is a lack of English teachers, I do not only teach the two classes you have to do for the teacher training program, but I got two more I spend my days in school...trying to grow into this new role that I've been given...from the student to the teacher. But this is not easy as you might guess...a bunch of wild teenagers can be very difficult to manage. Fortunately, I got the "she's young and seems to be cool" bonus, so so far, I have managed to handle the little brats and survive every lesson without nervous breakdowns! But yeah, this year is going to be exciting and I'm gonna let you know more about my life as a teacher in high-school...

I've also moved to a new appartment in a new district of Vienna, close to the school in which Im teaching. I love my new place although it still looks a bit "raw"...I only got a little bit furniture because I have not managed so far to bring my stuff from home to Vienna...but I think next month, my new "crib" will be fully adapted. It's a really old house and there are only 3 people living here - a very old couple and a woman in her mid-thirties. And a bunch of cats that always spy on me...

The raw state of my apartment made me a little creative...I painted this simple thing on a piece of mirror....

that's actually a nice work for me, since I am totally uncapable of drawing...I'd love to draw stuff similar to what Ralph Steadman did (just ordered this poster for my apartment...I'm so happy about it!!)

Well, Im pondering about a couple of things lately. First, it is actually great that life is in permanent transition, that nothing is permanent. Every day you can get up and try it again and things change and although sometimes you might have a hard time, better times will come for sure. I know for some hardcore pessimists among you, this might be bullshit...but honestly, if you're feeling bad all the time you have to look for a reason within yourself. And change things that make you unhappy. I have had tough periods and I always came out of it richer (in an emotional sense) and "smarter" than I don't try to fall into black holes as deep as I could because I know things pass...and change. And that is great!

One problem I still have to learn how to cope with is people bitching around. I really dislike talking bad about people behind their backs. I know I sometimes do it myself, but I have tried to be more aware of what I am saying to whom and why. Some people just seem to exploit a person so that they have something to talk about and something so that they can feel better about themselves. I'm wondering if people don't experience more important things in their lives than what other people are saying or doing. Especially when it is people you don't really know or you've just heard about! People should be less judgemental in general...and bitching behing one's back is a part of this! I don't wanna preach here, but I really have difficulties grasping the sense of talking bad about someone else...what do you gain?? 
Well, so in this sense, one of my top ten goals is being less judgemental...especially because this will ruin my objetivity in class! If I start judging people by what I hear about them or their appearance, my evaluation would be a joke! Live and let live...stop worrying about other's ourselves we should worry about...

I also got good news from the musical front. I actually made it to the rehearsal room with Anda and we cranked out some tunes that sounded really good. We have set up a couple of songs without even playing together, just by sending each other bits and pieces...if you got an Apple computer you don't even need to rehearse to write or record a's weird, but it somehow works. Sure, rehearsing every week would make us a lot more productive, but still, for living in two different parts of Austria, we manage this thing very well. I only struggle with one damn song. It is crazy! I wrote the whole thing apart from the verse melody in one piece one afternoon. But I can't figure out a damn verse melody...I've tried so many, nothing satisfies me! But maybe I'm trying to hard...However, I got Anda, my captain and leader, who will, as always, figure out a solution! He's the man!

Ok, I now feel the need to go and play guitar and try my luck with the damn song again!
Leave comments or I will be sad that none me some virtual affection here guys and gals!

PS: This times I present you an Indie band I've come to like this summer. In summer, I always listen to what for me is "lighter" stuff than in might call it summer sound. And this band has been part of my summer soundtrack. They are called FOALS....I don't know anything about them. Apart from the fact that I don't like their first record. Their latest one is really cute though. It is called Total Life Forever (sweet title) and has a cover that reminded me of another album I particularly liked...

Here's the link to their single Total Life Forever....the record is one that you have to listen from the first to the last song in straight order, otherwise it loses its try to enjoy the last warm sunrays with this sound.



  1. I saw foals live this summer :) they are great. Theres an austrian erasmus girl in my class and she is quite cool! kisses. Nacho

  2. everybody think´s that everybody know´s,
    everything about everybody else,
    but nobody knows,
    anything about themselves,
    cause they´re all worried about everybody else!!

    el cápitan