Thursday, December 2, 2010

I wanna win the new Dead To Me EP so I repost this...

Yes, the title says it all. Here it is:

Free Shit x Dead To Me 7inch
Brick Gun Records brings ya a brand new 7inch by DEAD TO ME. it has 3 new tracks and those songs are bangin’. and if you don’t know what’s up, check out Dead To Me right now; they are one of S.F.’s finest.
i am giving away 1 FREE copy of this record TODAY.
to enter this giveaway: REBLOG THIS POST ON YOUR BLOG.
if you are working with blogspot or any other blog/website, repost it on there and email me the link:
after 24 hours, i will randomly choose 1 person who reblogged this post and send you this 7inch for FREEEEEEEEEEEE. and i will ship internationally.
thanks so much to Brady at Brick Gun and the homies from DTM. thanks for supporting siqshit the blog. and if you wish to order this record, please do by clicking here.

And yes, I really wanna win. And I deserve to win as I was singing along their songs at their last show in Vienna....

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