Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fault Line

Dear guys and gals!!

It seems as if I only find the time to update my blog when I'm sick or incredibly anti-social. This time I'm sort of sick again. I think we are playing Sonja vs. her intestines, part II. But later on, I'm going to see my doctor and I hope I don't have to swallow this horrible video tube again...ahh!!

However, I got some new traveling stories to tell. My best friend and me went to Berlin again like in November last year. We thought we haven't spent enough time there, so why not go there again!? The city has become my "European San Francisco" as I think these two cities have a lot in common. What I love most about San Fran is that surprises are waiting behind every corner and in my opinion, Berlin is equally surprising. I like cities that are a little dirty and edgy - Berlin is very much so, compared to Vienna that struck Corina and me as being unbelievably can almost eat from the floor and there is not a lot of graffiti and street art. It's a great place to live, everything works, there's public transport, etc., but it also seems as if it lacks a little character...

sundown in Kreuzberg
This weekend we did a sightseeing tour by boat on the Spree river...and checked out the huge Pergamon museum in which you can see impressive antique stuff like the huge Gate of Ishtar or original parts of Greek temples. Nevertheless, we got a little bored by all the little old pieces of vases and ashtray-like bowls...
cocktail time
Most of the time we spend sitting in the sun and enjoying the atmosphere of the city. I've never been much of a sightseer. I like to explore places, walk around, drink a coffee somewhere, join conversations with strangers and enjoy my free time in a nice place....but I do not like to hang around with other tourist groups or go shopping in all the usual boring stores...
And we had quite a laugh...there's no person liker her!!!

Laughing frenzy...
But the bad thing about visiting Berlin or San Francisco is that I get all confused when I come back home. I am not sure if I am happy where I am because I'd like to live somewhere else. I've been in Vienna for years now and it's a great city, but I feel like I need a big change soon. It would be perfect to go and study abroad but if I don't get a scholarship, I can't really go to the US. And getting a job there is impossible...which is depressing.

Moving to Berlin would be way easier...but then I'm also not sure if my job is really what I want to do. I mean I love teaching, but nevertheless I feel like I need some more years of something else since I feel like a chicken and not grown-up or responsible enough for this. I'd like to have some years of careless freedom with a job that pays my bills in a place that makes me happy where I can be and do who/what I want. It's not that I am not doing this now...but still, I feel a little trapped and right now, I am confused again about where to go. I will definitely spend another year in Vienna as I already have a contract with my school. So, I will give myself sometime to figure out what the next step will be...or maybe I should flip a coin!?!?

There are always these points in one's life where one has to decide what the next step will be. I know few people who can tell me at any time if they are on the right path...but I think it's enough to know you're heading in the right direction because finally, the path is what it is all about.

I also finished building my bike after months of ordering parts online, getting the wrong ones, reselling them and ordering new ones. It's done, it works, it's a great ride and it is incredibly pretty. I am so proud. It was totally worth waiting!!!
I also gave it a name as it will be my new companion that brings me closer to my destination - it's called "La petite blu" - the frame is French, so I wanted to give it a French touch. And it reminded me of the movie "Betty Blue" (which I can recommend!!). And it looks much more like a girl than a boy...although it's blue...see, I'm not thinking in traditional gender roles! :-) Some riding shots will follow soon...
La petite blu

And I have a little surprise for you. I finally have the guts to post one of my really shitty demos...and let you hear one of my incredibly lonesome songs called So? (*clickme*)...the quality is not amazing, recorded it with my Macbook and no additional tools, no mastering, nothing...a simple plain demo. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you hate it or if it's so miserable that you feel morally compelled to applaud :-)

Hope you're enjoying the blossoming spring...I surely will as soon as these rainclouds have left Vienna.
Take care, leave some comments.

PS: I couldn't decide which song to post today. So I chose one of my "classics" (there are thousands of classics in my collection!!)...Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with Fault Line.
The lyrics perfectly fit my contemplative mood....ENJOY!!


  1. ♥ (and what about pipsey and josh? ;) )

  2. hey s
    sorry to hear you're sick again, but it does have the nice repercussion of hearing from you :)

    berlin! your picture made me miss going there again. and by the way, "european san fran"? check this out:
    hehe :D

    your path (in)decisions remind me of my own. i'm gonna finish my Bsc this june and i too was indecisive about the future. i mean i still am, but now i've got a plan. i'm going to africa! weee
    i would say think it through, but deciding on the flip of a coin does sound fun!

    congrats on the bike
    i couldn't hear the song, it didn't open

    all the best my friend

    p.s. spring my ass, i'm sweating my ass off over here!!

  3. hey helena!!
    thanks for the article! :) but i guess berlin has more of this valencia street feeling!?!? no?
    I told you I will come to Lisbon soon. Maybe in Oktober?? Will you still be in town? Or already in Africa? What are you going to do there?
    Yeah, well, I think this is life, not really knowing where to go and what to do. But the main thing is to do what makes us happy, I guess...whatever that might be!
    If it's too hot in Lisboa, come here...
    Why didnt the song open, this is weird?? Go on soundcloud and look for "BewareofZingo"...maybe you can find it!!
    Thanks so much for the comment, I wish you all the best!! big hug, beijos

  4. hey sonja...i know what u mean, and i bet it will always be like that...not knowing what to do next, feeling that you've still not arrived where you want to be...but that's maybe the exciting bit. otherwise it would be boring ;) love ur bike and ur sunglasses!!!

  5. ... and one more thing, love ur song! it's great!