Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Faster Bullet...

Dear fellow humans!

again i have to apologize for being so lazy and not keeping you is running by fast...week after week...month after month...semester after semester...and so on and so on...

so im back with weird/bad news...ive got GALLSTONES!! yes, i cant believe it...
i thought only elderly people are suffering from this...old ladies...that tell you with whom they were in the same hospital room...and what that person suffers from...and what their kids do...all the gossip they heard in the days of their hospitalization...
but yeah, even the doctors were puzzled because this is not so common in my special wooooo!!!

as some people might know, my dad has been in hospital for quite a while last year. he had a stroke and while he was in hospital, they also diagnosed him with cancer. so i spent quite some time visiting him there...while being there, i couldnt help but make fun of everything...not in a negative way but i just tried to make people laugh about random things there...i was constantly joking around because i felt the need to make the people in there smile and maybe even a little happy.  often they didnt get my jokes and sometimes they looked at me with this what-the-fuck expression...but i still think that they liked when i came into the hospital room...or at least wondered about me...

today im back at hospital, but this time i am the patient. im a little nervous, running around the house like an ant on speed, checking if ive got everything to spend a "good" time in hospital. yesterday it took me two hours to charge my iPod with the right music for the setting...
i also bring also three different book...two for university (i gotta study for my final exam) and one by the Dalai Lama talking about happiness...i can really recommend this one for people who interested in buddhism and know the basic principles...otherwise, i think, it is a bit difficult...all the buddhist concepts and stuff...

well tomorrow morning they are gonna cut up my little hole around the belly button and then they are gonna extract the gall bladder...they take out the whole thing because they say i dont need it...i was wondering why it is there in the first place if i dont need it. but they said that mine is not working well, so it makes no sense to keep it there...and the gall "juice" is produced in the liver anyway, so "goodbye gall bladder, i am not gonna miss u!!"...well, at least i hope so!!!

i am gonna take some pics at the hospital and as soon as im out, which will be by saturday if everything goes as planned, i will make an update and post some stuff...Weird tales from the Surgery Ward or so...

well, i hope you guys are all happy and enjoying life...if you are reading this blog, it would be really nice if you left me a lil comment from time to time, so i can see that you care...i dont like when people dont care...

Have a good one,

PS: my music recommandation is some sweet dirty reggae from california that support(ed) the spring feeling i felt for the two days of sunshine we had so the aggrolites...who are going to play in Vienna on the 4th May and in Graz on the 5th May...if you like what you hear, go and check 'em out!!! The Aggrolites - Faster Bullet


  1. hey sonja,

    alles gute für die op - hatte meine mama auch, ist nicht so schlimm ;)

    hug, andrea

  2. good luck and have fun! :)

  3. Have those bastardi cut out!! Ois wos ka Miete zoit muass raus!! Vue Spass im Krankenhaus - des kann auch ganz lustig sein manchmal (sprich aus Zivi experience :-)) Besides, zu dem concert muss i vorbeischaun! lg aus Wien Phillip

  4. da ein cox bild da ist, darf Turk net fehlen:

    Turk: I am going to yank that gallbladder out of you so fast that your spleen is gonna say to your kidney, "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO FRANK!?!" That's right, your kidney named your gallbladder Frank. I don't want you to worry about this another second, Mr. Hoffner, okay? 'Cause I'm the man. I am the man!

    Alles Gute. werd schaun, dass i vorbei kommen kann.

    glg Robert M.

  5. hey sonja. ich wünsch dir alles gute!!!! wird schon alles gut gehen!!!!by the way really enjoy your blog!, michi

  6. nooooooo poor songia,I can't help a lot but wish u the best :) .Ignacio